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Experience the magic of our range of hormone creams and tablets...

They really work. Within weeks they will transform you into a beautiful woman. But don't take our word for it, here is Wilma, one of our happy customers.

"I was a ugly slaphead until I bought the Tatt4Trannies deluxe hormone range. Within weeks I was absolutely gorgeous!"

Wilma - 53

How do they work?

Our hormone products work by redistriubuting the fat around the body. You can see the amazing results it had on Gary here.

  After - all that lovely fat redistributed where it needs to go.

Max Strength Pound-loss Capsules

This new course of maxi-strength tablets will help you acheive that slimline bank balance. Simply watch the pounds disappear, literally. A secret blend of herbs and spices ensure it is totally safe since it has no active ingredients whatsoever.

$350 for a two month course

Max Strength Tablets

Clinically proven to give you that classic figure, as well as beating pain fast, our max-strength tablets contains some of the amino acids that are also found in female hormones.

$200 for a one month course

Please note: there is no guarantee that your body will be able to use these amino acids to build oestrogen.


Max Strength Bubble Bath

Bathe your way to a sexy body. Since your skin has a large surface area, what better way to get our products into your body than bathing in it?

Formulated especially for us, it contains an active ingredient known as xodar. It also helps relax tired muscles and makes you smell nice.

$200 for a one month course

Max Strength Nose Spray

Designed to top-up the effects of our other products, this nose spray delivers a measured dose of Aqua - a product that makes up over 70% of breast tissue!

$150 for a one month dose.


Max Strength throat lozenges

Specially formulated by our scientists, these tablets contain a variety of chemicals that contain carbon. Carbon, as you well know, is a vital component of hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone. Probably.

$200 for a 30 day course.

Max Strength Breast Cream

Simply rub this into your chest morning and night to clear your nose and soothe your throat. There is a vague chance that some breasts may develop too...

$250 a tub


Case Study

Brian was a lazy fat bastard. After several months of treatment with our maxi-strength range Bryony now has a job as a Page 3 model. Honest. And it could happen to you. No really.

whos that fat bastard  
mmm.... nice


Please note - this is a spoof website. None of the products on this site are actually up for sale. Any similarity to any real businesses is purely coincidental.