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Coming soon - we hope to be able to launch our new range of Tatt4trannies clothing. Our chief designer Mayk'tup Ahswe-Goalong is working flat out on the new "Exclusifs" range. Below you will see a sneak preview of our new products.



Slogan Panties (Pink)

Warn any prospective partners about what they may find underneath with these comical panties. The simple warning is "May Contain Nuts"

Sizes S/M/L/Michelle from Pop Idol


Jodie and Anna are modelling the very latest in spring fashions. Every trannie's dream is to pass easily - and this lightweight outfit will help you do just that. Recommended by many top BBC journalists....

We also sell bag and shoes to match.

Sizes: S/M/L & John Simpson



Tatt4Trannies promotional T shirt.



Tasteful Frock

We gurantee that you won't look like a granny in this delightful frock. Blend in with the crowd while shopping. Noone will look twice at you....




Slogan T Shirts (white)

Tell the world that you are a tranny with this delightful little T Shirt.




Slogan T Shirts (pink)

Says simply "Falsies are a trannies best friend"





TVUK T Shirts (pink)

A homage to those awfully funny FCUK Tshirts... our TVUK shirts are made from the highest quality polyester...



Transgender Badge

This badge is designed to tell other trannies that you are a transgendered sister, but to be subtle enough not to arouse the attentions of anyone else. Show your allegience to the tranny cause whilst staying firmly in the closet.

Badge shown actual size.

Regular Version $99

Musical Version (Plays "Man I feel like a Woman") $175




Please note - this is a spoof website. None of the products on this site are actually up for sale. Any similarity to any real businesses is purely coincidental.