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At Tatt 4 Trannies, we have worked round the clock in our Kabul sweatshop to bring you the very best products to achieve the feminine dream.

The following accessories are no different - merging cutting-edge technology with blinding pseudoscience to make you look and feel special.


Home IPL (new Oct 05)

Laser Hair Removal in the moderate comfort of your own home

The Intense Pulsed Light System uses a Laser Beam to quickly remove unwanted hairs. Simply lie on the attached conveyor belt and you will be passed over the complex laser area which with bathe you in short bursts of light.



Portable IPL Device (new Oct 05)

A hand held version of the Home IPL Machine above. Can be used to treat small areas, as well as perform Price Checks at the local shopping mall.




Ming on a String (new Oct 05)

Fulfill your feminine illusion.  This product has been designed to hide the male genitalia with an ultra-realistic appearance.  It also allows for body cavity penetration.  It can be worn for hours at a time with no problem. Well apart from very sweaty bits and a rather odd smell. Oh, and the squeek.

We call it.. the Ming on a String. It comes with a variety of hairstyles. From Billy Conolly to Kojak*. Collect the set!


(*Lollypop not included)

Makeup remover

Our deluxe makeup remover kit. Comes complete with different grades of sandpaper to accomodate all skin types.

Guaranteed to remove all traces of makeup and also dry skin, normal skin and even lumpy bony bits....



Breast Pump

Designed for home use by our scientists at our Nosyd research laboratory - this amazing pump will eventually make your breasts up to 2 cup sizes bigger. Honest.

The soothing pumping action will cause fluids (like blood and pus) to fill the spaces between the breast cells, making your breasts swollen and noticeably bigger.


Please note - do not use on blow...While this may cause temporary inflation, the effects may be more dramatic than initially desired.

Portable Breast Pump

Those amazing scientists at Laboratoire Noire et Deckere™ have come up with a product that really sucks!

All the power of the breast pump, but in a handy take-anywhere format. Fantastic! Complete with accessories.



Economy Breast Pump

If your budget cannot stretch to other breast pumps, then why not try out economy range? Simply attach to the nipple and pump! What else did you think the nipple was there for?

Can be operated with your foot or your hand. It's simple, easy to use and won't break the bank!

Single $100

Double $150

Breast Plumper Cream

The unique combination of active lipids and other compounds in Breast Plumper™ causes your breasts to swell through a clinically proven process (vasodilation) that enlarges the breasts’ vast capillary matrix… the same physiology that causes genital expansion. Honest. We couldn't make this stuff up, could we?

As the underlying capillary foundation expands, your breasts will get bigger… visibly bigger… beginning in seconds, maximizing in minutes, and lasting for hours. Take an extra pack with you to provide "top ups" through the day.

$150 a packet.


Please note - this is a spoof website. None of the products on this site are actually up for sale. Any similarity to any real businesses is purely coincidental.