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Tatt4trannies was founded by famous transsexual Johnny Boyd (pictured) in 1980. Quickly realising that its customers are usually pretty green to the world of cross-dressing, and are too scared to shop anywhere else it soon cornered the market in high price, low quality products.

Selling stuff for three times the price of other stores it somehow became a massive success...


We have recently outgrown our Kabul factory and moved into substantial new buildings in downtown Baghdad. Our products are lovingly produced by hundreds of craftsmen and women in idyllic surroundings. We are now breaking into the hotel business too. Check out our hotel page.

We have also sponsored the local football team. Click here to see more



Our doctors inspect another batch of top quality products on their way to our shops. They really do fill those hats right to the top - so they must be pretty brainy yes?

Our products are not tested on animals. Be honest - could you see a rat wearing a corset or a bunny in false boobs? Just not going to happen is it?

Another satisfied customer carrys out one of our bumper feminine kits. Boy, is he in for a shock!
Why are we doing this?
Please read our mission statement to find out more

Please note - this is a spoof website. None of the products on this site are actually up for sale. Any similarity to any real businesses is purely coincidental.