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This is a real girl and in no way do we imply that you will end up looking like this....

Welcome to the Tatt4Trannies Online Catalogue. We stock fantastic transvestite products for the discerning transvestite. With our many years in the business we know exactly what you want and how to charge you over the odds for it.

Just announced - our sponsorship deal with Kabul FC

Tranny Towers
Check out Tranny Towers, our new tranny hotel

Not sure if you actually *are* a tranny? Then try the new-and-improved COGRIATI test here And please check that you have the proper Tranny Licence. (thanks to Becky for both links)

And if you are a tranny - wear your badge with pride!!

Please read our mission statement. And if you think that no-one could seriously sell this crap then look here...

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Site last updated: 6 January, 2006

Latest Items: Home IPL System, Ming on a String, The Tatt4trannies Hotel: Breast Implants: "May Contain Nuts" Slogan Panties ;

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